Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Raising the Roof

Back for another catch-up post!  This one goes through several months and gets us pretty close to current status.

Taking down the roof and getting the new knee wall in place

Even though the front roof was well supported, we collectively held our breath during this part

Getting the new third floor into place

Back wall and roof framing going up

Starting to look like living space

Hey, there's a dormer

Not weathertight but getting closer here

Toggling back to the inside - for awhile, we had a small ladder from the first floor to the second.  Not too bad, although Bella had to sleep in the living room.  Climbing ladders is not her thing!

Then the guys opened up the first floor to create the full three story stairwell.  And this happened:

Yep, for a few days, we had ladders spanning from the basement to the second floor.  No wine in the evenings when this climb awaited!
Fortunately, they built the permanent platforms and temporary stairs pretty quickly.  Still not OSHA approved but much better

Moving back to the outside - installing the new windows, with siding and trim already on

New windows in the front too - and you can see the new full length cutout under the curved stairwell window.  We had to wait until that brick was cut to custom order the window so lived with this makeshift plywood/window covering for awhile.  I'm sure the neighbors loved it

Brian took a couple days off and tackled the screen porch.  It was supported by hollow - and now rotting - 6x6 wood columns so he pulled the screens and the columns out and replaced them

New 4x6 pressure treated posts in place - screens will be reinstalled next spring

Also worked on some plumbing - running new Pex lines (this panel is now full) and installing a new water heater in the basement utility closet

Skipping ahead in the timeline again: once the structural work was done and all the windows were in, we had the entire exterior repainted.  The white paint on the brick was peeling so the painters did a full scraping, primed the brick, and then put on two new coats of white (Sherwin Williams Snowbound).  Then a single coat of black (Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black) on the Hardie siding.  The Hardie was pre-painted but the finish is so fussy that it ended up with some nicks and scraps during install.  A once-over with a new coat of paint did wonders.

Painting in progress

And from the front

And we're finally at the stage of some "after" pictures!  We'll paint the porch floor and add the screens next spring (not to mention redoing the front landscaping and finishing the back steps/porch) but the house is finally looking like we envisioned.

Not bad.  Not bad at all

Now that's a house!

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