Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year, New Floors

We're been plugging along on various and sundry projects, including cleaning out the garage and replacing a broken garage door opener in anticipation of winter snow...and then we had the warmest December in years.  But the most visible change lately is the installation of more hardwood flooring as we work our way out of the kitchen and into the family room area.  As we go, we're extending the flooring into the dining room hallway and half-bath so that we can move onto those areas next.  As usual, prepping the floor takes a good bit of time and effort but the nice thing about the wide planked floor is that installation does move pretty quickly once we get started.  Still, installing all of this flooring is another reminder of how big this house really is!

Getting started

That's a lot of space to cover

Making progress, including into the dining room hallway

Moving along now

Finally getting close to the wall

And even closer now - just some finish work to go!