Sunday, June 8, 2014

And so it begins

We've moved!  We're unpacking and settling into the new house...and getting started on planning our eventual renovation/reconstruction!  I already had my first run-in with 1950s power supply when I plugged a hot water kettle and a toaster oven into the same outlet and promptly blew the circuit.  Apparently I hadn't realized how spoiled I'd gotten with the old upgraded house!  A couple of nice things about the new house, though - it's so much bigger than our old house was when we first moved in.  We have two decently sized bedrooms on the first floor and two bathrooms, plus a whole lot more square footage, including several closets, overall.  There's also a partially finished basement with another bathroom that will come in very handy when construction starts, since we may move downstairs while we work on the first floor and planned second floor.  So the living conditions are already better from the start.  And, this house appears to have been maintained well, which is always helpful.  For the most part, appliances seem to work, we don't appear to have drainage problems, etc.  Of course, we're only 48 hours into living here so I may be speaking too soon, but I'm hopeful that for the most part, it's a good, solid house.

As with the last house, there are design and other challenges ahead but we're excited about it.  But first, some "before" pictures...and we'll get to work on updating the blog intro and everything else soon too!

Living room - a good size with a big fireplace

Not a bad bathroom but I already miss our big master bath...

I am a seriously bad photographer...but this is a sunroom off the kitchen.  And you can see the existing two car garage in the backyard.

Hello tiny kitchen!

"Master" bedroom
The best part of the house - large, flat, private lot.  We'll be spending some serious time out here working on the landscaping but I already love it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moving on

No pictures today, but we do have a status update...we're moving tomorrow!  Time to say goodbye to this house and head off to a new project.  There are so many things I'll miss about this house - the spacious master bath, the kitchen with its island and Wolf range, the fire pit and grill in the backyard, the great neighbors on our street...and at the same time, we're excited to get started on a new project.  In my mind (if not in reality), this house has been finished for awhile - design choices had been made, construction largely completed, and we were just executing our vision.  So I'm looking forward to getting back to asking the big open questions - what size addition, what style house, how to execute construction, etc.  I'm sure the new house will involve new questions and problems and we'll have to figure things out on the fly...and at the same time, we've learned so much from this house - about construction, planning, and how much chaos we can or can't take at any given moment - that we will, hopefully, be a little wiser as we start the next one.  Pictures of the new place to follow soon and it'll come as no surprise that it's another fixer-upper.  Stay tuned!