Saturday, August 19, 2017

Variety is the spice of life

In the spirit of catching up on assorted projects in real life and on the blog, here is a rather random selection of projects we've been working on recently.  First up - more landscaping.  We had previously laid sod in our side yard when we did the front yard, but we weren't happy with the slope or the drainage so decided to fix it once and for all (we hope!).  That meant digging a trench to bury a drain pipe from the roof gutter, regrading the yard, and laying new sod over the top.  Since we finished this project several weeks ago, I'm happy to report that the grass is alive and well and, despite the record-setting rain we've had this summer, the yard seems to be draining very well.  So, another thing off our list...and now up on the blog as well!

Getting started, regrading and laying a drainage pipe

All covered up

Since we didn't need all that much sod, we skipped delivery - it's good to own a pickup truck!

New sod installed and ready (and in need of) watering
Next up - we've been working on finishing the Jack and Jill bathroom on the second floor.  This bathroom is very nearly done at this point but we haven't taken proper "after" pictures yet, so here are some in-progress shots.

Working on installing the granite and the sinks

Setting the sinks

This doesn't look quite ready for use yet...but it's getting closer!
We also went ahead and installed hardwood flooring in the room we call the second floor living room.  This is a flex space that can be used for an office, a kids playroom, or a sitting room but, before it can be used for anything, it needed to have flooring and trim installed.  This was one of those surprisingly satisfying and relatively quick projects - we were able to install the flooring and the trim in one weekend.  And since it was the last room on the second floor that was wholly unfinished, with this project done, we're feeling like the second floor is getting much closer to being complete!

Getting started with leveling the floor

That was fast!  Nearly done with hardwood installation

And now with flooring and window/floor trim installed.  Next up - paint and furniture!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Catching up

It's a little daunting to write a post after several month without one...and there is much progress to report on!  I'll just group some projects together and try to keep catching up over the next few days.  But starting with where we left off, we first tackled finishing the fence to completely enclose the backyard.  Happily, the trees that we moved are still alive today and now our yard is dog-friendly!

Getting started with setting posts

So many posts

And skipping ahead - voila, a fence!

From our side - all fenced in 

This was the tricky part - we had to build around a big tree near the property line

So we built a custom frame

And then custom cut the fence boards

And now the fence goes up to, but not through, the tree.  We did the same thing
 on the other side so the fence now goes right around the tree

That left just a gate to build

We adapted a steel frame kit for the big gate

Getting the gate laid out

And setting it up

Skipping some steps to the final product

A little trim work to be done but we are now fully fenced in
And we immediately invited our friend's retriever Charlie over to enjoy the yard!