Monday, July 18, 2016

Decking the Yard

Between travel (business and pleasure) and a bad bout with summer flu/ear infection, we haven't gotten too much done but we have made some limited progress with the backyard.  Latest project was to start the deck so we have some way to get from the French doors out to it the (currently existing only in my head) patio area.  This is really more of a landing than a deck - it's only about 4 feet wide and exists mainly to provide the required landing before the stairs begin, plus room for the outswing doors to open.  But, it still required all the foundation and structural integrity of a deck so it took us a couple of weekends to put it all together and get our inspections (footers and framing) done.  The pictures:

Getting started - figuring out where to dig the holes for the footers and making sure they are in line
Concrete base - three 80 lb bage of concrete per footer
Now this looks like something that could support a deck
So far, so good - all nice and straight
Getting the posts ready
Framing going up

That looks like a landing!

And now in safety version with posts for eventual rails.  Next up, decking and stairs...