Sunday, October 30, 2016

Indoor tile, outdoor landscaping

With the fall weather, we've been switching between indoor and outdoor work as the weather and daylight permits, focusing on both the master bathroom tiling and the backyard landscaping.  After a couple weekends of work, the backyard is done for the season.  But first, the still-in-progress tiling:

Floor tile finished and grouted, getting started on the wall tile
Prep work, including protecting the shower floor tile - setting a straight edge for the border and cutting marble tile to get started
Working our way around the walls - we're using a textured gray ceramic tile bordered by a white carrara marble tile
Another angle
Moving along
Tile done, getting ready for grout
Grout in progress
And tiling complete!  Now for fixtures, trim, paint, glass doors, etc. to get this bathroom up and running

Next up, backyard progress - it took a couple of weekends and a visit from Brian's friend Tim but we finished the backyard landscaping for the fall.  Next spring, we'll add the rest of the fencing, a built-in grill, flowers and mulch, and finish off the trim work but for now, the patio and firepit are done, sprinklers and landscape lighting installed, and sod is taking root.  It's a good time to move back indoors again! 

More grading - Brian and the bobcat had their work cut out for them!

Definitely a large yard by Arlington standards

Final picture from the back corner
We rented (and for once, did not buy!) a trench digger to lay the lines for the sprinkler system
Digging the paths

Setting the manifold for the sprinkler system
Installing two zones for watering
Still prepping
Ready to lay the sod!
We forgot to take in-progress pictures but have plenty of nice "after" shots:

Now that's a lawn!  Complete with boulders and grasses installed (though we'll need a better picture of those)
From the back corner
Hello large lawn!
And from the back