Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Blitz

We've had a bit of a pause around here while we sort out a subcontractor issue (which, of course, just reaffirms our general desire to DIY all of the things) but we got back on track this weekend with a long day of work on Saturday.  Our new sub and his guys put in a 12+ hour day to run all of our ducts on the second floor and install a new a/c unit for our basement (which will eventually serve the first floor too).  Since a heat wave is about to hit mid-week, we are extremely grateful that they got all the work done now!  We are also very nearly finished with running the PEX plumbing to the first and second floors and we tested the lines we have in - with just one small spill caused by an open tub valve.  But that was easily remedied and all the other lines appear to be holding pressure just fine.  And we've been continuing to work on little odds and ends, like installing a window well for one of the basement windows.  It still feels like a long haul to get to drywall but we're making progress!

Digging out the window well

Much better!

Just a little more grading to go

Someday (soon), these ducts will be keeping our house warm or cool

More ductwork

Big house = even more ductwork

Many connections to get to the mini-manifolds - all shutoffs are installed and working!
Slowly, the main manifold is filling up with lines