Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two steps forward

Blog appearance notwithstanding, we're still here and making (slow) progress on a number of small things.  After getting out of the DIY habit over the holidays, we're easing back into the weekend and evening work schedule.  Once we pulled the stairs out, we obviously had to put the new ones in, which we did two at a time with liberal application of construction glue - there should be no squeaks on these stairs!  We cut each bamboo step and left it weighed down for 24 hours before moving onto the next pair so it took about a week to get them all done.  Then we started working on the banister post and railings...but when we started that, Brian realized that the drywall on the stairs was, despite being new, just a tad bit too crooked to look good so he straightened it out with new corner bead and compound.  Now we're ready to use the long weekend to get back to work!

Starting the stair installation - two new steps in place, waiting for the glue to dry

Stairs installed!  Still need trim, caulk, paint, etc but much improved
Starting banister installation - after cleaning up the house for the holidays,
we're back to living in a construction zone again

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