Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Just a couple more pictures as we wrap up our work for the weekend.  We finished up the weekend with 19 sheets of plywood installed, which is a little under half of the floor done.  In our defense, it was also as much as we could do, since the contractors still have a little more interior demo to finish up before we can tackle the rest.  They'll get back to work tomorrow and we'll work on the floor a little more each evening from here on in.

Now that's a solid floor!

Front porch, ready for concrete pour

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Step by Step

We're still here!  We've been bad about blogging but not about working and I'll get caught up with an extra long post today.  Lots of work going on around here.  First up, more foundation work on the new front porch and the back addition by the contractors.  They should be just about finished with the foundation work early next week and then will start building up on the addition.  They'll also finish cleaning up the inside of the house and, finally, take the roof off this week (weather permitting).  In the meantime, we spent our holiday doing the decidedly unfestive and downright hard work of tearing up the old hardwood floor and subfloor and replacing it with new 3/4" plywood.  This house, like the last one, has 1x6 diagonal slat subfloor.  In the last house, we added additional screws to tighten everything down before laying the new hardwood but it wound up being a fair bit of work to get the old floor level and secure and then we were still dealing with the old subfloor.  Although it worked out just fine with bamboo hardwood over it, we're likely to use a wide plank white oak on this floor so we'd like a firmer and flatter base instead.  As a result, we're pulling up both the existing oak hardwood and the old subfloor and then installing new plywood in its place.  It's quite a challenge but we're moving along.  Good thing we had a few days off to tackle it - and what better way to spend a holiday weekend than covered in sawdust!  

This doesn't look like much (okay, it looks awful) but someday it'll be a front porch
We have a foundation wall!

Someday, this will be the two-story back addition

Getting started with removing the hardwood and the subfloor

Moving along with the messy work

Looking better

Tearing up the old bathroom floor.  I used to wish this bathroom was bigger when we were using it - but when it was time to take up the shower pan, tile, and subfloor, I was grateful for its small size.

In process - this bathroom was incredibly well-built with two layers of 3/4" plywood subfloor that was glued and screwed and schluter ditra membrane, which was nice to see but a nuisance to remove!

Finally, ready for new ply!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Outside Work

Not too much new to report this week - the contractors have continued to work on cleaning up/demoing the first floor and have been digging the foundation for the addition and front porch.  Our lot continues to look worse and worse but it really is a step in the right direction - or at least, that's what I tell myself when I look at it!  We'll keep an eye on the weather this week too - the next steps are to pour the foundation for the addition, finish interior demo, and then take the roof off so we can build up a level.  Roof removal could happen this week but more likely next week, especially with unusual cold and possible rain threatening.  At this point, there's probably not going to be a perfect stretch of weather for this project but we'll move on ahead anyway at some point!

House front with new porch foundation outline - the front door will move to where the new porch will be
Backyard with even more debris
Someday, there will be an addition here - but right now it's just a mess!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Piece by piece

More demo - over the weekend, we dismantled the sunroom and packed it up.  As with so many items, we sold it on Craigslist and the new owner will reassemble it.  I'm always glad to sell materials and keep them out of the landfill but it did mean being careful about taking it down so it can be reused and we had to build a makeshift wall so we wouldn't have a big hole in the back of the house, but it's all set now.  Another piece of demo finished!

Pre-demo, sunroom and awning

And post-demo!

No more sunroom!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

No turning back

More demolition - goodbye first floor!

Ceiling and nearly all walls gone

Waiting for another dumpster to arrive

Fireplace will stay standing - everything else will go!

Hard to believe but last week, we had two bedrooms and two bathrooms here

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Demo Days

And...the project is officially moving from the planning stage into the construction stage!  Which also means we're at the point where the "after" pictures start looking decidedly worse than the "before" ones.  We did some demo ourselves to take down our kitchen and move it into the basement and then open up some walls in order to get all of our furniture downstairs as well.  We've officially relocated to the lower level while the first floor gets completely gutted and rebuilt and a second story is added on.  The construction guys are now in, a giant dumpster is in our driveway, and the project is moving along!  Stay tuned for more pictures as the house comes down!

Before - old kitchen

Not too bad, before

But getting worse...

Still worse yet...

Before - when walls were in place

Goodbye walls

Before living room (we were harvesting carpet for the basement, hence the missing strip)

More before

Big change!  Walls coming down everywhere

Good thing we aren't trying to live on this floor anymore

Open plan house...