Saturday, November 29, 2014

Step by Step

We're still here!  We've been bad about blogging but not about working and I'll get caught up with an extra long post today.  Lots of work going on around here.  First up, more foundation work on the new front porch and the back addition by the contractors.  They should be just about finished with the foundation work early next week and then will start building up on the addition.  They'll also finish cleaning up the inside of the house and, finally, take the roof off this week (weather permitting).  In the meantime, we spent our holiday doing the decidedly unfestive and downright hard work of tearing up the old hardwood floor and subfloor and replacing it with new 3/4" plywood.  This house, like the last one, has 1x6 diagonal slat subfloor.  In the last house, we added additional screws to tighten everything down before laying the new hardwood but it wound up being a fair bit of work to get the old floor level and secure and then we were still dealing with the old subfloor.  Although it worked out just fine with bamboo hardwood over it, we're likely to use a wide plank white oak on this floor so we'd like a firmer and flatter base instead.  As a result, we're pulling up both the existing oak hardwood and the old subfloor and then installing new plywood in its place.  It's quite a challenge but we're moving along.  Good thing we had a few days off to tackle it - and what better way to spend a holiday weekend than covered in sawdust!  

This doesn't look like much (okay, it looks awful) but someday it'll be a front porch
We have a foundation wall!

Someday, this will be the two-story back addition

Getting started with removing the hardwood and the subfloor

Moving along with the messy work

Looking better

Tearing up the old bathroom floor.  I used to wish this bathroom was bigger when we were using it - but when it was time to take up the shower pan, tile, and subfloor, I was grateful for its small size.

In process - this bathroom was incredibly well-built with two layers of 3/4" plywood subfloor that was glued and screwed and schluter ditra membrane, which was nice to see but a nuisance to remove!

Finally, ready for new ply!

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