Saturday, November 8, 2014

Demo Days

And...the project is officially moving from the planning stage into the construction stage!  Which also means we're at the point where the "after" pictures start looking decidedly worse than the "before" ones.  We did some demo ourselves to take down our kitchen and move it into the basement and then open up some walls in order to get all of our furniture downstairs as well.  We've officially relocated to the lower level while the first floor gets completely gutted and rebuilt and a second story is added on.  The construction guys are now in, a giant dumpster is in our driveway, and the project is moving along!  Stay tuned for more pictures as the house comes down!

Before - old kitchen

Not too bad, before

But getting worse...

Still worse yet...

Before - when walls were in place

Goodbye walls

Before living room (we were harvesting carpet for the basement, hence the missing strip)

More before

Big change!  Walls coming down everywhere

Good thing we aren't trying to live on this floor anymore

Open plan house...

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