Monday, January 20, 2014

Stairs done... almost

Today was a vacation day so the next project in line was to finish trimming out the bottom stairwell. We decided to do a wainscoting effect on the bottom half of the railing. Once it's all painted glossy white it should give it a richer look and match some of the other elements in the living room area like the barn doors and the mudroom built ins. I didn't finish running the floor trim to the banister because I may need to brace it more on the one side. The bottom piece that looks like a mistake is not. It's just a place holder to bump out the floor trim to match the wainscoting. That gap will get covered up with floor trim. I also finished off that last stair step. There were a bunch of pieces to fit together to make it all look like it was meant to be there. It's not how I would have done it if we replaced the entire stairwell, but it's a nice upgrade to the original 1954 staircase. Next weekend we'll do the upstairs banisters and hopefully the kitchen cabinet crown molding.

If you look at where the spindles line up with the wainscoting you'll notice that the two ends line up with the last banisters on each end and the middle spindle is exactly in line with the middle trim. I've done more measuring and double checking this weekend than I have in a long time!

Hard to see, but I drew in a rough sketch of the design first. 
Couple of pieces up. 
See? It all fits together!
Bottom stair torn out. The left and right stringers needed to get extended to make it all fit better. 
You can see the stringer extensions and the riser all cut from 5/4 stock. 
Still need some trim on the sides, but mostly done. Much better than it was!
All done! Don't mind that little gap at the bottom, trust me. 

I dug up some old photos for a great before and after series of the stairwell and what used to be two small bedrooms, but is now our flex room plus mudroom.

View of the old two bedrooms. 
During demo. 
After demo and walls opened up. 
Reconfigured to current day. Ignore the chop saw and various tools on the floor!

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