Sunday, January 19, 2014

Safety First

This safety fix goes from start to finish in 4 pictures, but in reality it took me about 5-6 hours. The angle of the stairs made it a real pain in the ass. By code you can't have more than 4" between openings, but I wanted slightly less to have more spindles. Luckily I found an online tool that helped me get most of the measurements and then from there I could do a little trial and error to get the perfect fit. Making sure things were level was a little tricky so some spindles required 4 or 5 cuts to get it perfect. Somehow I managed to get all the little fillets between the spindles cut on the first shot every time without cutting my fingers off. 

The upstairs banister should be a lot easier since it's all the same level. We still need a handrail on the other side to make the stairs code compliant, but that's an easy fix. 

Stair cap I made out of 5/4 stock. 

Shoe rail installed and I realized that the spindles weren't going to be so easy. 

BOOM! Spindles and handrail look perfect.

Fillets snug between the spindles top and bottom.

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