Monday, January 27, 2014

One less death trap

We are checking off the remaining projects pretty quickly. Despite the large safety factor of this one it got sent to the bottom of the list. Every time we had a guest stay at our house we were always worried somebody would stumble off the ledge in the dark. Luckily it never happened. All we need to do is add a continuous rail on the other wall for code and we will be ready to call for our final inspections. Can't wait to get everything painted too. It's going to look really sharp. 

Getting things ready for attaching. I used a bracket kit plus made a block to slip the newel post over for added stiffness.
Both posts attached and laying out the spindle spacing. I was nervous I'd make a mistake and have to replace some flooring.
Point of no return. 
Of course it fits!
Not too shabby looking. Who's painting?


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