Sunday, April 28, 2013

Building the basement

Half bath on the first floor - now with walls
The basement is finally taking shape
Just a small example of some of the wires we've run

It was a busy weekend with more framing and lots of electrical work - which doesn't add up to much, visually, but was a good amount of progress.  We're nearly finished with framing in the basement, having added a good-sized closet, framed out a bulkhead, and built a small closet to hide the drains.  Brian also rerouted all the high-powered wires (a/c units, dryer, etc.) since he originally ran them between the ductwork and the beam to save time...which was okay until we moved the hvac ducts.  Then, the wires had to move too.  I usually leave the electrical to Brian but today I helped to pull the wires through the joists and now I'm officially tired.  Next weekend, anything other than electrical...  

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