Monday, May 13, 2013

Still roughing in

We are still plugging away at the rough in list. The plumbing is completely finished and the electrical is almost done. All of the old electrical is officially replaced. Only new wiring exists in the house now. I'm trying to remember how much wire I've used and I'm pretty sure it's over 4000 feet. I think I'm on my 3rd 1000 foot spool of 14/2 wire and 2nd spool of 12/2 wire. All that wiring and I still have yet to  electrocute myself so that's good.

It's so much easier using PEX plumbing for this kind of remodel over using copper pipes. It allows for greater flexibility in the install and the ability to shut off water to each fixture easily is a huge time saver. There was one pinhole leak in the PEX tubing that we ran months ago that I had to replace, but that only takes a minute to cut out the bad section and crimp on a new one.

We still have some fire proofing to do this weekend and hopefully call for all the rough in inspections next week. Then on to drywall and back outside for sod and finish landscaping.

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