Sunday, April 21, 2013

Concrete Progress

We've been back indoors this weekend, working on the basement bathroom and floor.  On the to-do list  - frame the side and front wall for the tub, set the tub, and pour concrete to cover all the drains (not necessarily in that order, of course).  These projects were carefully timed to take advantage of our friend Tim's visit because I was frankly not looking forward to tackling mixing and pouring the rather large quantity of concrete required with just the two of us.  And, once Brian and Tim got going on it, I was glad we had the help!  It took 13 bags of concrete mix, at 80 lbs a bag, to fill in the floor.  But, everything is nice and level now - and after several months, we can finally walk around in the basement without the threat of falling into a giant hole in the ground!  

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