Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shoes Required

This post is a little late but we did work over the weekend, taking up the rest of the old oak flooring from the living room area.  I neglected to take before pictures (as usual) until we were nearly finished but got some good after shots showing the old floorboards, now without hardwood.  Craigslist continues to be our best friend as well - one ad and someone came and picked up the gigantic pile of old boards that resulted from the weekend's efforts, thereby sparing our yard from becoming even more cluttered with debris than usual.  It's even less comfortable than usual now, since we have to walk through the "living room" area in order to get from the second floor to the kitchen/dining room - and clearly there is only construction, no living, happening in the room at this point - but we're glad to have this project out of the way.  Pulling up the floors isn't a complicated job but it is tough labor.

We also passed our groundwork plumbing inspection last week so we can start closing up the drains.  Since we had some trouble with the drains the last time around, we were glad to get through this inspection without trouble and next weekend should bring some fun with concrete as we repour the basement floor!   

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