Friday, September 23, 2011

Three and a half tons of flooring

Our bamboo flooring arrived today - luckily, the truck arrived during a slight break in the rainstorm, but we still had to unload 95 boxes of flooring at 75 pounds a box from an eighteen-wheel truck.  According to our delivery contract, we had one hour to complete the task so we staged the boxes on the porch first and then brought them into the house after that at a slightly more leisurely pace (if carrying big boxes of heavy flooring can be described as leisurely).  We owe a huge thanks to our neighbor Judah, who came over to help us, as well as two of the drywall guys who took pity on us and lent a hand with unloading the truck.  But once everything was on the porch, the truck pulled away and then we still had to carry it all into the house.  Judah helped with a good part of the heavy lifting and then Brian and I moved the rest in...with a few breaks in between.  But it's all in the house now.  We even opened a box to do a quality check and it looks great!  Just the color we were looking for and it's strand bamboo so it has a nice striation to it without any of the knots that the horizontal bamboo flooring can have.  It's rather crowded around the house now with all these boxes but still, it's nice to have the flooring here.

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