Saturday, September 17, 2011

My new favorite things

I don't think the pictures here match the actual products, or properly reflect how excited I am - what we're looking at in the first picture is our new stove, a Wolf 48" range with six burners and a griddle, and two ovens.  I am very, very happy with this stove.  When we first started looking for appliances, we checked out the usual suspects and thought we'd get a nice but average 30" or 36" stove.  Maybe something a little bit nicer, definitely stainless steel, but all in all, nothing too crazy.  Then I wandered over to the much, much higher-end section of store (damn you, appliance showrooms and your manipulative layouts), saw the big Wolf range, and promptly decided that this was the stove that needed to move into our new kitchen.  I checked the price tag and sadly realized that the Wolf cost more than the first car I ever bought (granted, it was a pretty cheap car but still).  After quite a bit of research and a few months worth of polite but persistent phone calls, I located a floor model Wolf with all the features we wanted, struck a deal, and voila...we have a gorgeous new range at a (relatively) reasonable price!  As a result of my bargain shopping, we had to take delivery of the range before we were really ready for it so it's now sitting in the still unfinished kitchen space, but we'll be careful and work around it.  A little inconvenience is a small price to pay for such a lovely range.

On other happy news, drywall finally started this week after a brief delay caused by last week's flood and subsequent drying out.  We subbed out the work and it's taken them three days just to do the closets and upstairs bathrooms, so I'm glad that we're getting some help on this project!  So far, our laundry room (second picture), master bedroom closet (third picture), and most of the master bath (fourth picture) now have walls.  It's great to walk around and feel like the house is finally becoming more of a house than a construction zone.

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