Monday, September 5, 2011

Much work, few pictures

We spent the long weekend insulating the addition, the second floor, and the crawl space and it was a long weekend indeed.  Unfortunately for blog post purposes, insulation is one of the more boring things to photograph since all the walls look, well, like walls.  But all the walls are now stuffed full of insulation!  It turns out that the Roxul is not as itch-free as advertised (a lesson we learned the hard way, predictably) but it was still much easier than working with fiberglass.  We have a bit of the crawl space left to do but first we have to get the plumber out here to fix the last drain (a task we thought was done until we crawled under there and saw that it wasn't).  So, we'll probably have one more day of itchy work before we can call this task complete.

On other news, we're looking forward to starting drywall next Monday.  We went ahead and hired it out after calculating that it would probably take us a couple of months worth of weekends to do it ourselves.  Instead, they'll probably be finished in a week or two and then we should have some better pictures to share!

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