Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lawn Lessons Learned

We took the weekend off from construction to host friends but we've been working over the past few weeks on helping the lawn to recover from some early errors.  Back in June, we installed sod in the yard and for the first couple of months, it looked great.  We watered consistently and everything was green and pretty.  Then, we made a rookie mistake of fertilizing right before a heat wave hit and we got a bad case of brown patch disease.  Three fungus treatments later and things were recovering...and then we neglected to water the lawn and drought hit.  All of this made for a tough start for our grass and three weeks ago, it was looking very sad as evidenced below.  But, we refocused and got out the sprinklers to start watering and then overseeded two weeks ago and now it's looking so much better, also evidenced below.  We'll try to keep it healthy through the fall so that we'll be in good shape next spring!  

Three weeks ago...not looking good
And today...much improved!

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