Saturday, June 1, 2013


Although it wasn't exactly instant as it took six of us about 7 hours of hard, hot labor today, but it was instant gratification at the end. Yesterday we got all the dirt moved around and semi-smooth and the extra hours we put it this week for prep really paid off. Today we attacked it starting at 7am with the help of our friend Adam and 3 laborers. First everything had to be smoothed out and all the hard edges needed to be cut in so the sod could butt up against it without sticking up. Everyone did an awesome job and the end result looks amazing. Now we just need to keep it watered and hopefully it will stay green forever. Or at least until we sell this house. In a couple weeks we will cut in some planter beds and plant a few perennials to make everything really pop.

As a side note I'm not sure how anyone would do this without a bobcat. That thing paid for itself many times over. I damaged some driveway pavers, but the amount of moving and lifting that thing can do in a short time is a life saver. Get yourself one. You won't be disappointed. No, you can't borrow mine.

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