Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello, old red door
Goodbye, old red door
Down to the rough opening - and a decent look at our current interior construction zone
New door!  But we still need new trim...

We tackled some smaller jobs this weekend, repairing the old walls and blending them in with the new sheetrock, priming the old walls for new paint, and repairing a handful of window trim pieces that got a bit damaged when the drywall guys were using compound near them.  So, there isn't much by way of pictures except for today's project, replacing the front door.  The old door probably had a negative energy efficiency rating given how drafty and inefficient it was.  We bought the new door several months ago and it's been taking up space in our dining room while we waited for the last of the drywall to come into the house to make sure that the door didn't get damaged in the process.  But, with the drywall installation done, the painter in the house today necessitating an open door for ventilation, and good weather, we decided to check this one off our list.  The new door is fiberglass in a faux wood finish with a nice chunky shelf so it's much more suited to our style.  We also reversed the entry to the right side rather than the left so that you now enter and face into the (soon to be built) mudroom rather than the living room.  We haven't put the interior or exterior trim on the door yet so you can still see the rough opening and the insulating foam but we'll tackle the finishing touches some evening this week (with more pictures to come!).  In the meantime, it's good to have the new door in and another project checked off.

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