Sunday, October 28, 2012

Battening Down the Hatches

We're right in the path of the so-called Frankenstorm so we spent a good bit of the weekend finishing up the garage siding and it looks great!  Brian finished siding the dormer, a task made possible by the platform and pump jacks but which still led to one of my least favorite moments of this project when I had to climb onto the roof next to the dormer to help hold up some of the soffit.  While I clung to the roof, Brian walked around on the roof cleats and stood up and nailed the trim into place.  So, clearly, I was not the most helpful person out there.  Heights are just not my thing.

But, all of the siding is now installed, along with the soffit, and we even got the front gutter onto the garage.  Brian also assembled and installed the garage door so the garage is now all buttoned up for the storm.  We still need to hang and install the tracks for the door, as well as install the opener (once we run the electricity to the garage, of course), so there's still more work to be done but for now, the garage is weather tight - just in time!

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