Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storm and Inspections Passed

We're still here!  The Frankenstorm was not nearly as bad in this area as predicted, a fact that I'm very grateful for as many friends in the New York area have spent the last week waiting for their power to return.  Even better, our garage came through it without a scratch or a fallen tree on it.  Brian even spent a good bit of time during the storm out in the garage, installing the tracks for the garage door and the trim.  We don't have any pictures to add at the moment, though, as we've spent the last weekend doing small odd jobs around the house and garage, but we are happy to report that our garage passed its electrical and framing inspections yesterday.  So, we're now ready to wire up the door opener and finish hooking up our outlets and lights.  We're also hoping to make good progress on the driveway and parking pad this weekend.  It should be unseasonably warm and Brian has Monday off so with a little luck, we'll be much closer to being able to drive our cars into the garage soon - and we should have pictures to show our progress too!

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