Sunday, October 14, 2012

Siding Progess

We're at the end of a long weekend and it went by quickly!  Fortunately, so did much of the work we had to do.  First up, more siding.  As so often seems to happen with temporary helpers, ours disappeared this week so we were on our own but we've done enough at this point that it wasn't a problem.  We fully finished the fire-proofed side of the garage and the back, including soffit and fascia trim to make it watertight - and we owe many thanks to our neighbors for letting us into their yard so we could put up and then take down the pump jacks.  Pump jacks may be our best investment for this garage yet - there's just no comparison between having a platform to work on versus clambering up and down and moving around very large ladders but it's a good thing Brian isn't afraid of heights!  He was up about 14 feet in the air to reach the top of the garage.  Then we started the remaining side and front of the garage...although somehow I neglected to take pictures of the front so all we have to show is the side.  We've installed the door and window, the J-channel, and got the siding started.  We ran into a small delay when we realized that the roofing store sent the wrong color of light outlet trim so we could only go as far up as the outdoor lights but we'll get them swapped out for the right color this week.  And, in the meantime, we set up the pump jacks and platform on the other side of the garage and Brian started the garage wiring.  We ran a 50 amp subpanel to the garage so while we're only putting in some lights, outlets, and the garage door opener for now, we've got plenty of power to later add anything we might like whether we finish the second floor or not.  All in all, a good weekend and the garage continues to move along....

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