Monday, August 27, 2012

Pavers, pavers everywhere

The backyard is starting to come together...dirt piles notwithstanding.  All the prep work last weekend paid off in the form of patio progress this weekend.  We had a few other things going on this weekend and got rained out on Sunday afternoon but still managed to lay most of the patio and, since Brian had the day off from work today, built the second, bigger retaining wall.  Each wall block weighs about 60 pounds and the wall took 14 blocks per row, times 4 rows, equaling about 3300 pounds or a ton and half.  We should have called this an outdoor P90X workout and charged people to come over and lift the blocks!  Ultimately, we got all the blocks moved from the pallet in the front yard over to the back wall but this job is one that we're glad to have done.  And we're really happy with the way the walls are turning out.  We'll finish laying the patio, plant some bamboo and flowers around the retaining walls, install the fire pit, get a grill ordered and installed, and be ready to enjoy the patio - not quite in time for summer but hopefully in time for the fall.


  1. Love the curved wall and pavers!!!

    Laurel @ SoPo Cottage

    1. Thanks! We still have a bunch of details to finish, but it's coming along.