Monday, August 6, 2012

Landscape project day one

About five hours ago I was thinking the $30k quotes for our landscaping were not so bad. I may have even contemplated calling one of them as the start of the project was a bit overwhelming. I'm off the next few days to get a head start and the first big delivery was this morning. Two dump trucks dropped off 16 cubic yards of crushed gravel base material. Most of the day was spent moving it to the parking pad, spreading it around, and running over it with the plate compactor. This job would be impossible to do without the Bobcat and at one point I thought was impossible to make progress with just one person. However, with the Bobcat it apparently is a one man job! Most of the base is where it needs to be or staged in a convenient location for use later. Tomorrow some of the 14 pallets of pavers are coming as well as the setting sand. Currently I'm taking my siesta, but will probably go drive the Bobcat later and move some of the mountains of dirt I've been growing in the backyard.

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  1. What--no update on the bunnies?? =) I'm sure the driveway will look great.