Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bobcat and Bunnies

We spent the weekend playing in the dirt, getting the turnaround pad and driveway ready for a delivery of gravel this week and pallets of pavers shortly thereafter.  Our framing contractor continues to move at a glacial pace (as you can see, the framing is exactly where it was a few days ago still) so we've stopped waiting for him and are proceeding with the DIY portion of the garage/driveway now.  In order to prep for laying the pavers, we had to dig several inches down for the parking pad and driveway strips - which doesn't sound like much until you multiply several inches by the approximately 90 feet of our driveway.  In short, we were very grateful to own the bobcat this weekend!  It took two days but we're in good shape for the next step, gravel, now.  Then it's sand, tamping and leveling, and eventually pavers and grass.  There's still a ton of work, and a lot of weekends, ahead but this was a good start.

And on a more cuddly note, we discovered a clutch (nest?  brood?  I'm not sure what the technical term is) of teeny, tiny bunnies living in the overgrown grass of the yard.  I was carrying tools across the yard as we were getting ready to start work on Saturday and saw something furry wiggle right as I was about to step on it, leapt to the side, and then came back to investigate.  And there they were, several baby bunnies wiggling around in a little hollow.  Since they were right in the path of the bobcat, we built them a protective cover out of scrap wood so they wouldn't get squished (of course, we removed it when we were done each day so mama bunny could get back to them).  I'm afraid we may have some deaf bunnies after the bobcat trundled right by them for several hours this weekend but at least they are still safe.  It's just a good thing one of them moved at the right time for me to notice them because bobcats and bunnies do not mix!

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  1. Oh how lucky! I want a nest of bunnies. I'm glad you didn't drive over them with the bobcat, that would have been sad.