Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is not DIY

I had a little trouble posting these pictures yesterday (I'm clearly not the IT side of the family) so they're a day late but I think the (near) finished product, the kitchen, makes up for the delay.  We had our countertops installed yesterday and it's definitely not a DIY project - it took two big guys to even get the island countertop into the house, much less set it in place, but the countertops are in now and we're really happy with how they look!  We went with a honed white carrera marble and a simple Grohe faucet for the sink and a small soap dispenser so everything is very streamlined and unobtrusive.  We still need to pick out and install a backsplash but the kitchen is coming together and we're looking forward to hosting some great dinner parties here in the coming months!

More pictures to follow tomorrow as we also had countertops installed in both second floor bathrooms and Brian is, as I type, installing faucets.  We finished the last of the master bath tile today as well and will grout tomorrow, and I spent some quality time going around the second floor with painter's putty getting the trim ready for finishing.  The clock is rapidly ticking down to April but I still think we have a shot at getting moved in upstairs by - or at least around - the first of the month.  Regardless of exact timing, we're not far off now!

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