Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to trim out a pocket door

This weekend we would like to be done with the master bathroom completely so tonight I had to trim out the pocket door to the toilet room. Our door was a little bit tricky since it closes against a perpendicular wall, but the steps are generally the same. First I had to rip 1.5" strips to go on either side of the door closing so the door disappears flush when it's open. Before I did this I adjusted the backstop on the door with a couple pieces of wood to make sure when the trim was installed everything was perfectly flush. Not the easiest task, but it definitely pays off to be exact. Then I installed a 4.5" strip for the door to close against and the wall trim to rest against.

Since this wall was going to be a little odd looking with the regular 4" trim we've been using around the doors I decided to give it some more detail by using 1/4" MDF in a wainscoting effect. The rest of the bathroom is going to get a bluish/grey paint, but this wall will remain white to make it pop and give the bathroom some character.

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