Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Consequences of not planning...

...Or better yet - consequences of changing the plan after the fact. Originally we were going to put sconces in the master bath. So I wired everything up in the bathroom for future sconces. We didn't have the vanity picked out yet either so I left the wires dangling in the general area we wanted to eventually put the electrical boxes. I would highly suggest you not do this if you're planning something similar. Next time we will definitely have these decisions (lights/vanity/spacing) made before we close up the walls.

Fast forward to present day... We couldn't find any sconces we liked enough so we decided to go with normal above the mirror lighting... oops. The drywallers poked the wires through where they could and now the wires are way off from where I want them to be. I toyed with the idea of poking a series of holes to reroute each one, but that seemed like it was going to be a huge pain and make a huge mess. I decided on ripping off about a 6x2 section of drywall to give me better access. It was messy, but I was able to get everything routed to where I needed them to be. After some cleanup I got the lights wired up and the outlets roughed in. The last picture is my first of probably about 6 coats of drywall mud to get that wall back to being smooth. At least it will mostly be covered by mirrors in case I don't get it perfect.

You can also check out the granite we picked out for the master bath. Soon we'll post some pics of the whole space. Still some work to do in there this week/weekend before we can call it finished.

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