Monday, August 15, 2011

It ain't over til it's over

A few weeks ago, we posted about running Pex for the two bathrooms upstairs.  Words like "quick" and "easy" may have been thrown around and we thought we were just about finished with the plumbing.  It turns out we were overly optimistic!  On Sunday, we tackled adding the valves for the tub and the showers.  We have a double shower in the master bath so we had to install a total of three shower valves, plus the tub valve, and it took much more time than expected to figure out where and how to install each valve.  After a long day, though, we now have all four valves installed and we're that much closer to being ready for inspections...though just in case something else comes up, I'm not going to say it's finished, having learned that lesson once already...

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