Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake Tuesday

I marked Earthquake day here in Arlington by continuing work on the house. I'm off this week on a little staycation to finish all the odds and ends so we're ready for our inspections. The plumber came out to finish up the drains. The tubs are hooked in and theoretically ready to use. All the valves are installed and the PEX rough in is complete. It is holding a steady air pressure for a few days now so I'd say the install was perfect. Not one leak... not too bad for a part time plumber. I also got the attic baffles installed so we can insulate as soon as our inspections pass. Looks like we're going to save $2000 by doing the insulation ourselves. Plus we're using a higher quality insulation called Roxul. Its rock wool so it's not itchy like fiberglass and the r-value is about 4-5 points higher.

The house also survived its first decent sized earthquake.

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