Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plumbing Progress - PEX bathroom rough in started

We started and finished the rough in of the upstairs PEX supply lines. It took all of Saturday to plan out where the lines would go but actually installing the lines was faster than we initially expected so we were able to start and finish the installation on Sunday. We used Vanguard PEX piping with a Viega Manabloc manifold. It's conveniently color coded - blue for cold and red for hot, logically - which also makes for a colorful wall now that all the lines are in! Every fixture has its own separate 1/2" PEX line for hot and cold, with a 1" supply line that runs to the basement and hooks up to the water heater and the water main. So, we had to run 16 separate lines since each bathroom will have a double vanity and our master bathroom will have double showers and a big bathtub.  It was quite a project to get all the lines installed in the right order! The PEX system comes in various forms, but we chose the crimp style connections, which uses a compression tool to crimp the brass connections. No solder, no flame, and hopefully no leaks. We'll wait to test the lines until we run the lines for the kitchen and first floor bathrooms and cut the line in, which should be in the next few weeks, and that's when we'll discover how good (or not!) our work really is.  For now, though, we'll consider the weekend a success with a big project checked off our list.

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