Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's the little things

Adding the attic ladder - step one, installing the braces
Securing the ladder in place
The final product
View into the master bath - the plastic is covering the Pex plumbing, which doesn't like UV rays
Side wall framed into place

This weekend was, well, kind of boring from a home renovation point of view. We spent the weekend taking care of small but necessary tasks, like building part of the wall for the water closet in the master bath, installing the attic ladder, shopping around for a bathtub for the master bath, and buying supplies. All necessary things, but nothing that lends itself to dramatic visual progress (unlike, for instance, plumbing the entire second floor in a weekend). Brian wired two more rooms on the second floor and I helped for awhile (e.g. handed him tools and installed nail guards) before I fled to the backyard to do some yard work. I continue to shirk my duty when it comes to installing electrical wire as it's just not a skill I'm comfortable with. Fortunately, he'll probably complete the wiring this week and then I can plausibly claim that I would have totally helped, if only it wasn't all finished already...

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