Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rough in work... Still

I took the week off from work to put a dent in all the rough in work we still have to do. So far most of the electrical is done. The plumbing upstairs is mostly done and I worked on the downstairs plumbing today. It's way too hot in the 2nd floor so we'll have to wait to finish everything up until after this heat wave passes. It seems like we have a lot of little things to do before we can call for our inspections. We're still hoping we'll be ready in a couple weeks.

Here are some quick pictures of how to connect the PEX fittings. First you cut the tubing to length. Then you put one of the crimp rings on and slide the tube onto the fitting. Last step is to use the crimper to permanently attach the tube to the fitting. Easy and leak free. It took me about and hour to run the lines and crimp everything.

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