Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pantry Progress

It may be a little counterintuitive to start kitchen installation in the pantry but we decided to knock these cabinets out of the way first since all the design decisions relating to them have already been made (unlike, for instance, figuring out where exactly to place the kitchen island).  This pantry is going to have a huge amount of storage, with four 33" wide cabinets, one 18" wide cabinet, open shelving on the walls, and a large wine cooler in the corner.  We're planning to install butcher block countertops but will stain them to a nice dark color to carry the same white/espresso look in the kitchen through to the pantry.  But, cutting and staining the countertops is going to be a story for another day.  Fortunately, Brian is a pro at cabinet installation at this point so he made relatively quick work of getting these wall cabinets installed.

Getting started with cabinet placement

Shims to make sure everything is nice and level

Working around to the other side, including the wine cooler cabinet

We had to custom cut the cooler panel but it all fits together nicely now

Still in progress

That looks better!

Doors on, drawers in, and unstained maple countertop just resting (not even dryfitted) on one side to see how it all looks

And one more picture from the other side to finish off the day

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