Saturday, October 17, 2015

Outside Improvement

We've been splitting our time between inside and out but have gotten our front porch to a good place for the winter.  We still have some additional trim and finish work to do but the stone is in and grouted and now the columns are trimmed out so we'll probably wait on the other work until next spring.  Our contractor had wanted to use prefab column coverings but Brian decided to custom make the coverings instead and it ended up with a much more polished look.  It took some time to design and then make the trim but we're really happy with the overall final look.

First up - a little bit random but we had a cap made and installed over the chimney to ensure that we don't have any moisture or rodent/bird problems going forward.
Getting started on the columns.  We ripped Azek to fit the columns and attached it to the pressure-treated wood.  Then we used more trim to build out the rest of the trim.

Adding more detail to echo the Craftsman-style trim on the rest of the house

Moving along

Now working on the other side

Who decided to use four columns instead of two?  Starting over again on the other side.

Now that's looking nice!

And a close-up.  Still a good bit of finish work to go on the porch at large but we'll call this finished for now.

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