Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Water you mean there's still no roof?

Between the rain delays and the holidays this project seems to have slowed down way too much for our liking. The rain was the biggest concern when we took off the roof and after a few storms we've figured out a 3 tiered plastic system that has been doing a decent job. It was definitely a little dicey the first couple storms and we even ended up with a decent basement flooding that ruined some of our stuff and all of our carpets. The roof trusses are going up Friday with a crane so we are in the home stretch for the first major milestone to getting this house dried in. A roof should be on by the weekend or early next week if all goes well.

One of the biggest projects was completed last night with the lifting of the giant steel beam that opens up the new kitchen and supports the 2nd floor load and roof. They ended up building a hoist system to slowly lift it into place. There's still some work to be done before we can remove the temporary walls, but it shouldn't delay our new roof.

Today the 2nd floor exterior walls should be completed and we should have some sheathing on them to support the new trusses. Friday it should look like a complete shell of a house (at least it better).

Huge beam

Chimney is going to need a little extension to be useful.

Front View

Back view

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