Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting closer

Most of the big projects are complete. The stairwell and fireplace surround are pretty much it for big projects on the to so list. What we have plenty of are small projects. Like painting. Any given weekend we seem to be painting or procrastinating on painting that needs done. The mudroom got a fresh coat of semi gloss white as did the barn doors. I also set the basement vanity and installed the lights in there. It would be helpful to have everything finished at once to be more efficient when it comes time to paint, but this works better for us since we do all of the work. There's not much in terms of pics other than a few progress shots. 

We also said goodbye to our beloved Bobcat. It was a sad day on Sunday... but we did sell it for more than we paid so that helped console us a bit. Hopefully we will buy a bigger and better one next project! 

Bye Bobcat! You will be missed!

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  1. wow - the new photo at the top really shows how far you guys have come! looks amazing!