Saturday, March 30, 2013

This and That

Hello, old oak floor
Goodbye, old oak floor
Time for a bonfire!
This is not grass.  What is this??

We've been working on some odds and ends today.  First up, removing more of the old oak floorboards from the former bedroom/new den so we can move some more stuff around and eventually get ready for drywall.  Since we ordered all of our new flooring when we needed it for the second floor, we now have boxes and boxes of it just sitting around taking up space (as you can see to the right side of the top pictures).  So, we often have to do half of a project and then stop, move things around, and finish it up.  I'm not sure there's any other way to deal with it, unfortunately, as we wouldn't want two different batches of flooring but it can slow things down.  Nevertheless, we're nearly done with oak floor removal at this point.  We still have to take up the living room but that will probably be the last thing on the list since it won't be in the way of the new drywall or framing - unlike the rooms that are being reconfigured.  In any event, we now have plenty of kindling for the fire pit.

We're also figuring out a plan for landscaping the yard.  After last summer's garage and patio construction, we put down grass seed to make sure our yard didn't erode away over the winter.  In that sense, the "grass" did the trick but now we seem to have more weeds than actual grass.  We're leaning towards replacing the whole thing with sod this spring, which will also give us a second chance to re-level the yard but first, we'll need to kill off what's already there.  I took a first shot this afternoon with some RoundUp Grass and Weed Killer so we'll see how that does and then plan accordingly.  Stay tuned for more outdoor progress as we enjoy the warmer weather!

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