Sunday, March 10, 2013

Concrete (and back) breaking

We're getting back into the construction routine here after a bit of a lull - and spent Saturday tearing up more of the basement floor with a 60 lb. jackhammer to get ready to install drains for the full bathroom and add a sump pump.  Regular blog readers may remember the Flood of Fall 2011, when our basement was inundated with water after several days of heavy rain.  Most of the problem was caused by the other hole we had already opened up in the floor to move the main plumbing stack but we also had some very small leaks from a couple of cracks in the concrete walls.  We think it was just a fluke issue - our neighbors reported 30 years of dry basements preceding this one storm - but it seems worth it to install an insurance policy in the form of a sump pump just in case.  Breaking concrete is no easy task and Brian handled about 95% of the jackhammer work (after letting me try my hand at it for awhile and declaring my progress to be too slow!) while I was in charge of collecting and hauling away of the concrete chunks.  We now have about a dozen heavy bags of concrete to feed into the Arlington trash system over the next several weeks.  We'll tackle some more work around the house today but will probably take it a little bit easy as well - I feel like yesterday was enough hard labor for one weekend!     

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