Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walls and Wires

New wall with window framed in
More walls
And yet more walls, with new lights behind it
Old basement section without walls
And same section but with new walls and more lights!

We missed posting last weekend but we're here!  We've been working away at framing in the basement and are close to finished for the moment so Brian has started wiring up new lights and circuits.  It certainly is handy to be able to install electric when and where we want it!  The basement will be open for the most part (we're thinking pool table and media room) but we'll also have a full bath as well.  As has become a bit of a pattern around here, we were happy with the bathroom layout on the original plans but when it came time to start building it, we reconsidered.  As a result, we spent a good deal of time last weekend rethinking the bathroom location and layout.  After a few hours of talking it through and a number of draft drawings, we finally figured out a layout we like and got the new walls up.  Next step, renting a jackhammer to take up more of the concrete floor to run the bathroom drains.  We may tackle that next weekend and then we'll have to replace the concrete and build the last few walls.  Followed by more electric and a whole lot of plumbing.  In short, we're not closing these walls in anytime soon but every day brings a little more progress!

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  1. Somehow, no matter how much planning you do ahead of time, it seems like there are always changes to be made when you start changing a space!!! Looking good! Can't wait to see the drywall go up!

    Laurel @ SoPo Cottage