Sunday, January 6, 2013

New vents

Before picture with vents in the center of the basement
After picture with vents moved to the far wall
Start of framing in basement

We're back to the non-photogenic part of construction as we move the mechanical around and continue with framing.  Having done a fair bit of HVAC in the early stages of this project, we decided to call in two guys we've worked with before to relocate and install new runs and vents for the basement and first floor.  Although it's a bit hard to see in the photos, the old main vent used to run right down the center of the basement.  The height of the room with the vent was around 6'4" - by moving the run to the wall, the ceiling height throughout the basement will be closer to 7'2" even once we put in the ceiling and carpet.  While it's still a basement, the extra height makes a big difference in how it feels so we figured it was worth the extra work.  The timing worked out well too, as I came down with a winter cold this weekend so my "contribution" consisted mainly of staying out the way the past two days while Brian took down old electric and planned for new and helped the guys out with the installation.  They finished everything up today and we started with the first wall framing in the basement.  Still a good bit of framing to do but we'll get back to it next weekend!

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