Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to the small stuff

While we wait for the concrete guys to break ground on the garage foundation later this week, we continue to work on small stuff in the kitchen and dining room.  One task done - we framed out the two French doors and finished installing the retractable screens.  It turns out that the screens don't photograph particularly well - the top photo has the screens drawn but it's hard to see anything other than the latch in the middle.  There's a surprising number of options for retractable screens out there and in a range of prices, but we went with the basic Jeld-wen retractable screen doors and are happy with them so far.  We had to tighten up the tension a little bit but they extend and retract smoothly and are nicely out of the way when they're not drawn.  We had thought about boxing out the ends but instead just framed right around them and think it looks nicely built-in as is. 

We also repaired our Mosquito Magnet to give it another try this year but so far, it's only caught a handful of mosquitos.  Since I seem to get bitten by at least a dozen different ones every time I step out the door, I'm not impressed with its performance yet.  But, at least with our new screens in, we won't have to worry about the bugs getting into the house when we open those doors!

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