Saturday, June 30, 2012

After the Storm

We got hit with a crazy storm last night with some of the strongest winds I've seen in awhile and torrential downpours.  We were worried about the trenches for the footers but when we checked on them this morning, they had held up just fine.  No cave-ins, just a bit muddy.  I guess with all the heat and drought lately, the dirt was happy to soak up some of the water!  We had a few big branches fall into the yard, including one that appeared to crush one of the willow trees, but we fired up the chain saw this morning and made quick work of it.  We had all our branches cut up and out on the street before most of our neighbors even got outside.  And, happily, the willow tree looks like it will be just fine.  It bent completely to the ground but didn't break so we've staked it back up and I think it'll recover with no problem.  Our neighbors weren't so lucky - they had a huge tree come down in their backyard but it missed their house and fence so while it's a big clean-up job, there's really no damage.  Our neighborhood also fared pretty well in general - we lost power for about 9 hours last night but it came back on this morning just as we were about to turn the generator on.  Hopefully the weather will settle down now and we can get back to work! 

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