Sunday, February 26, 2012

Floors, doors, and drawers

Two long weekend work days and while it feels like we didn't get as much done as we wanted there was still a lot of progress. The big double doors were a huge pain to get lined up correctly and took a lot more time than we planned. We were looking for something that would take about 45 minutes before lunch on Saturday so we picked the door. Fast forward about 4 hours and another hour today and the door is hung. First problem was somehow we ordered (or were shipped) the wrong size door. Rather than return it we just ripped out one of the studs in the doorway to give us the extra half inch we needed. The next problem was the floor slopes by about a half inch which we didn't notice until after the first half of the door was screwed in. Normally you can fix this by moving one side of the jamb up, but this time we hit the top of the door rough framing so we had to saw down the other side of the jamb. I did that this morning and within an hour had the door nice and square looking. At least we thought ahead and used screws on the door first before we nailed it in. The bathroom floor was started yesterday too and we will continue to do small sections at a time this week and hopefully be ready for grout next weekend.

The biggest pain in the butt project is turning out to be the master walk in closet. We decided to build our own drawers (don't do this if you're considering something similar). It is a constant battle of measuring and moving things 1/16" here, a 1/16" there until you get so annoyed that you're building something that you can buy at IKEA for $20 and it would come out of the box square and all the little holes pre-measured for you... next time there will be IKEA or something similar in our closet. I didn't get a pic of it, but we also built the last remaining custom closet in the remaining bedroom. All of the rooms upstairs are in a semi-finished state so we now have to clean up after ourselves after ever cut on the table saw or chop saw. It makes for a nicer work area, but definitely adds to the project times.

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