Friday, April 1, 2011

A new day

The 2nd floor window openings are bigger than what is currently cut out. We'll have double windows in each room.
View into our master bedroom. That's where all the water got trapped and ending up coming back towards the rest of the house. Only a couple gallons leaked through to the basement so no damage.  

We had some heavier than expected rain last night. I got up around 4am to clear the tarp of water and that led to a little flooding over the new addition that starting leaking into our tiny kitchen. After a half hour of pushing the water around and some wet dry vac action we were semi-dry again. It seemed the rain stopped for the most part after that so nothing else leaked and no real damage happened other than us being a little tired this morning. Workers were there bright and early this morning so they better give us a proper roof by tonight!

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